How much of a Virgo am I??  How desperately do you want to know??
Why, if the question is eating you up inside, just click on this little old link right here and find out:
Also, I need to write a message for somebody special today.
Catharine Arwen, you are being publicly shamed.  When I have to find out about a new man in your life FROM MY MOTHER that means you are a BAD SISTER and you must
CALL ME INSTANTLY in order to redeem yourself.  Just do it.  I promise I’ll only make you talk on the phone FIVE MINUTES.  🙂  Alternatively you may start your own blog and tell me about your life that way.  These are your choices.  There is no privacy in a family of seven.  Thank you that is all.
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  1. Nice Girl says:

    Remind me to never tick you off!  😉
    Amanda  🙂 

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