Hack hack coff coff snort

Has anyone heard of a neti pot?  I purchased this one today online, because I couldn’t find them in the drugstores here in SmallTownUSA.  7-10 business days from now, if I’m still hack hacking and coff coffing and dribble dribbling, then I’ll try it and tell you if it works.  If I’m done with the hackcoffdribbling, I’ll probably still try it out and see if I can do it.  Meantime, preggers over here is having a seriously miserable few days.  After the thrill of the Hearing of the Heartbeat on Monday morning, everything went downill.
Here’s the scintillating story.  So, I’ve recently been asked to sing backup in a band.  It’s a lot of fun – they play their own music, which is really catchy and clever, and they all play their instruments well.  There’s a bass player, lead guitar, banjo player, drummer, and a guy (my friend, who invited me to sing with them) who plays fiddle, mandolin, harmonica, and a few other things.  I sing backup vocals, and will eventually throw in some piano once I can figure out some good parts to go with their songs.  So, a week ago Wednesday, the drummer returned from a monthlong trip to his homeland of the Czech Republic, where he’d been proudly showing off his newborn child to friends and family, and also fastidiously collecting a cache of Czech germs to bring home and share with his friends.  Rewind to that week ago Wednesday practice, when Mirek the Czech shows up feeling a little under the weather, and says he won’t stay long.  We play, he stays an hour or so, we all wish him well and send him on his way with some vitamin C, little suspecting that within a week everyone in the band including my own self would come down with this miserable disease.  Chances are it was some foreign nasty that none of us have previously developed antibodies to, and we’re about to spread it to the entire American populace, Bwaaa haaa haaaaaaaaa.  Luckily, it’s just a cold, really.  But between it and the throwing up (which is not slowing down, though I’m starting to get used to it), I am ALL DONE with this week.  All.  Done.
Up next on the complain-o-meter: it’s raining in North Carolina.  For those of you who don’t live in North Carolina, we are in the middle of a serious drought.  It hasn’t rained since, like, February, and it promises to stay dry throughout the winter.  So here lately, when we see a few drops of rain, every one of us in the office will flock to the windows like moths to the flame, and ooh and aaah over the beautiful sight.  On any other weekend, I would be delighted that we were refilling some dangerously low reservoirs, and perhaps would one day be able to water our tomato plants and wash our cars again.  But not.  This.  Weekend.  Because.  The Professor and I are celebrating our one year anniversary this weekend, and doing in true cheap style.  Which means camping.  Sick Pregnant RG loves camping, but even Healthy Not Pregnant RG does not like camping in the rain.  We presumed we’d be safe, given the, oh, 7 months or so of rainlessness we’ve just lived through.  We thought wrong.  Now we’re waffling over what to do.  Waffle waffle waffle.
Finally, a happy thought to send you on your way.  Our anniversary gift to one another is to have our rings engraved.  We couldn’t do it for the wedding because mine didn’t come in time, and we had other things to keep us busy then.  So we decided to do it at one year.  I’ve been walking around wearing maternity clothes* with just my engagement ring on.  I wonder if people have noticed and think my daddy will be standing up at an altar with a shotgun in a few weeks.  🙂
Wish us luck with the rain, and the neti pot, and the cold.  Have a wonderful weekend, all!
*Yes I’m wearing them already.  I could still easily fit into normal clothes, but not my-sized normal clothes.  And I got all these free maternity clothes from a friend.  And who can afford to buy 3 whole new wardrobes in 3 different sizes to match your amazing expanding waist line (and thighs, butt, upper arms, everything else)?  So I wear the elastic waist pants and the big bellied shirts.  And people carry things for me and hold open doors and give me warm and crinkly eyed smiles.  It’s great.
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3 Responses to Hack hack coff coff snort

  1. NJaney says:

    Is SmalltownUSA just down the road from Anytown? They both sound like great places to visit. I assume all the t-shirts say things like \’You are Here\’ and \’Everyone is Someone in Anytown\’…
    Um, yeah.
    So, like, loving that you\’re embracing the maternity wear! I\’ve always thought one big bonus to being a human-carrier for nine months would be the warmth from the public who give you their seat, smile at you…etc.  Of course, I don\’t want the strange hands on my belly- but you\’re a few months from that (hopefully…).
    Good luck with the band!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    i have not used a neti-pot exactly, my mother made me snort warm salt water one time when i had a real bad sinus infection.  it was not pretty.
    what are you getting engraved on your rings?   when we celebrate our 15th anniversary i think we\’ll get new bands and have them engraved with the line "my love for you will not fadeaway" from the grateful dead song "not fadeaway" too corny? 
    so "yay" on the rain for drought-stricken north carolina but "boo" for your camping trip.  although i\’m impressed that you are going camping what with being sick and all.  but at least you have all of mother nature to be sick in. 
    singing back-up in a bad is so cool.  will your husband be your groupie?

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