Halfway Mark

I’m 20 weeks today, which means I’m halfway through this pregnancy.  Woot.
We attended oral arguments today for two cases in the Fifth circuit court of appeals, and I’m pleased to say I really found it interesting.  Remember, I’m doing this law school thing while crossing my fingers that I actually end up liking the law, and every little sign I get that it’s actually right up my alley pleases me.  The first case wasn’t scintillating, but the second one was totally awesome.  The lower court dismissed the case on a technicality, and I can’t help but speculate if the lower court judge maybe had some kind of arrangement with the defendants, because the reasons for dismissal seemed patently ridiculous.  I think the fifth circuit panel agreed with me, because they were very sweet to plaintiff’s counsel, and when the two defendants’ attorneys stood up for their arguments, the panel ripped into them without even letting them speak first.  It was kind of fun!  The lawyers did what they could, but the judges were pretty displeased that they were even hearing the thing.  I smiled through the whole thing, because it’s fun to see a big shot dude in a black robe be sassy.
Time to go home, then we’re off to write our wills with a downtown attorney (I love pro bono!  We get it free, because of our connection with Tulane), and then I’m going to muddle through final revisions of a paper that’s due tomorrow.  Another exciting Tuesday in the life of a law student!
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2 Responses to Halfway Mark

  1. LEO says:

    I love those moments … let me think a) I can totally do this "law thing" and b) law school was worth every penny and every ounce of stress. Do you know what kind of law you\’ll want to practice?

  2. Gillian says:

    Leo,I don\’t! I have an interest in environmental law, because I\’m a dippy hippy, but I also want to really love what I\’m doing. So I\’m open to lots of options!

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