Buoy. Or is it Bouy? Booey is what it should be, for heaven’s sake.

It’s funny how I feel most like I’m drowning in work on the mornings after Liam hasn’t slept.  Someone throw me a bu-   bo-   er, someone throw me a life preserver.

After two nights in a row of teething pain and its requisite hourly wakeups, I feel like curling into a ball and crying.  I’m cursing the fact that we don’t have full time child care again – ah, ever my lament.  And I feel guilty for taking time to write this missive to you, my online peeps, because I need to be reading cases for a brief/writing my climate change paper/writing my law and lit paper/writing my Admiralty comment/outlining for my three classes.  But taking a minute for coffee (caffeinated, today!  well, half and half) and sanity can only do me good.  What a valuable lifeline to sanity this blog has become.  I never knew, six years ago when I started, how important this would be to me.

In somewhat related and sort of funny news, my intensely private husband announced to me yesterday that he wants to start a blog.  In the category of Things I Never Thought I’d Hear My Husband Say, this ranks right up there with that one time he said he wanted to go to the mall, and that other time when he told me he was browsing through Netflix streaming, looking for something to watch while I was away for the evening, and picked Sweet Home Alabama.  And watched it all the way through.  (He may make me take that tidbit off the internet, and so in order to avoid such a fate, I will tell you that he, predictably, and masculinely, loathed it.  But nevertheless – watched the whole thing.  Reese Witherspoon isn’t even his type.  If it had starred Megan Fox, I’d at least have had some inkling of his reasoning.)  I asked why in heaven’s name would the man who exerts considerable effort in keeping his name and personal details off the internet whenever possible (in direct opposition to his oversharing wife) want to start a BLOG of all things?  He answered that the world needed to know how much U2 sucks now, compared to how awesome they once used to be, and he needed some sort of platform to pronounce this to the world.

I’m trying to think of what kind of title such a blog could have.  “If You Too Used To Like U2 . . .”  “How to Dismantle an Excellent Band”  “Achtung!”  Any ideas?

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3 Responses to Buoy. Or is it Bouy? Booey is what it should be, for heaven’s sake.

  1. Amanda says:

    B4 U2
    or Bands that Used to Be Good (thereby not limiting yourself to one band)
    or Band Aid
    or Bleedin Bad Bands
    or U2 No Longer Rocks
    or Get Bent Bono

  2. Vern says:

    My blog is occasionally about the same thing!

  3. Secretstar77 says:

    I would read that blog. Could I write-in-vote for that blog for president?

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