Frustrated by a minor situation with a project I’m doing at school.  This guy could give lessons in how not to do things.  Lesson 1 – do not assign something to a middle man that you want to micromanage yourself.  GRR.

Anyway, usually I brush his idiosyncracies off but last night I slept very little, due to (1) a coughing child, (2) a leaking humidifier that soaked a bunch of my FAVORITE BOOKS (sob), and (3) resulting insomnia, after sorting out the kid and helping to mop up the spill.  Never have I been so happy to drop off my children as this morning.  They were driving me BONKERS in the car.  OMG, the whining.  It’s like they can sense when I have had zero sleep and zero patience, and they want to test my ability to keep my cool.  I kept my cool all right.  I just turned up the radio and quit listening.  It was for their own good, trust me.

Now I have to spend the morning in routine doc appointments.  Luckily I managed a long run yesterday, and a short one this morning.  It’s amazing how exercise helps the mood.  I’d dropped running completely during exams, and I really missed it.  I also did some lifting at the school gym, and I’m feeling it.  I like lifting weights, but it makes picking up the children much harder!  They’ve both recently had doctor’s appointments, so I know that when I’m curling that 10 pound weight, it is less than a fourth of Jack’s weight, and less than a third of Liam’s.  (That means that Jack is over 40 lbs and Liam over 30.  I only tell you because I’m so foggy headed, it is possible that I did the math wrong.  I have large children.  I GOT THE FAT KID LECTURE YESTERDAY at Liam’s appointment, that’s how large my children are.  Zoinks!  No more crackers for you, porky!)

The one highlight of today is that when I blearily grabbed for the half-and-half this morning, I accidentally picked up the eggnog.  Eggnog flavored coffee is not bad!  A delicious mistake, one I may have to make again!

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3 Responses to IRRITATION

  1. secretstar77 says:

    Not only is eggnog coffee not bad, it is quite delicious! And it helps us not notice that we’re drinking light eggnog (which is not nearly as delicious as real eggnog, but we’re adults now and must make sacrifices for the good of our arteries and such). It’s my constant holiday treat from Thanksgiving until Groundhog Day.

    Notice how I’m focusing on the highlight? This is not to discount your irritations and weights (mental and child-shaped) … just to help remind you that there’s always going to be a sweet surprise around to perk you up just when you need it.

  2. Amanda says:

    Did you remind them that your children came out large?

  3. Vern says:

    Liam is over 30 pounds!!!!???

    I think that’s awesome. He weighs more than Sav!

    I do curls with 30 pound weights, and it sometimes occurs to me that that’s almost like having one Savannah in each hand.

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