Drive In

We took you to the drive-in to see Brave on Saturday night – afterwards you called the drive-in “the big movie that is outside.”  Anyway, you loved it.  We put you in pjs and got all set about an hour beforehand, and then were going to let you walk around and check stuff out, but you would have none of it.  You were going to sit in the back of the Pilot and wait for the movie to start.  This was serious stuff.

You watched Brave – a Disney Pixar movie about a Scottish princess who accidentally turns her mother into a bear – and were rapt.  You asked some questions of me – it was a kind of confusing movie for you, what with the mother and brothers turning into bears.  Some of it was also a little scary – the bear attacks and such.  You cuddled with me – at one point I was laying on my tummy with my chin propped on my hands, and you climbed up on my back and rested your chin on my head.  It was AWESOME.  Now when people ask what you did last night, you say “I saw the movie on the big screen outside about the princess with the red hair and the bow and arrow.”  You remember that her mother turned into a bear.  One of the things that worries you, understandably, is that I will now turn into a bear at some point.

Sometimes I’m quite bear like, I know, but I promise I will never physically change into an ursa major.

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