Mothers in the Legal Profession Roundup Number 279

The weekly Mothers In the Legal Profession Roundup is hosted on a rotating basis at the ButterflyfishPT Law MomAttorney at LargeAttorney Work Product, Today Advocating Tomorrow, mine, and Magic Cookie blogs.

The Mothers had their Thanksgiving holidays . . . some of us traveled, and some of us didn’t.  Some of us worked, some played, some did a little of both.  Here is how the Mothers in the Legal Profession kicked off the Christmas holiday season:

The Attorney at Large starts a potentially recurring feature . . .

Alice begins the dreaded daycare search.

Happy birthday to But I Do!

Butterflyfish should get at least one of these for Christmas, no?  (Bullshark!)

Full of the Dickens has the classic Santa photo to share.

Cowgirl in the City gives us some sobering statistics.

Dinei is trying to mitigate stress with thoughts of future downtime.

Frenchie christens her new house . . . in a very un-fun way.

Grace continues to share her Lis’s surgery experience with other cranio parents.  I personally know some that I directed to her site who are very thankful for her willingness to share.

Izzy is taking advantage of the sales.

Kindra shares some Thanksgiving observations.

LC is home after an eventful holiday away.

Lag Liv enjoyed Fort Worth festivities.

Mommy Madness shares a childhood story.

Proto Attorney is surrounded by little girls and their little girl stuff.

Pseudostoops is being guilted out of pie.


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