Christmas Table

This Christmas, we will be in our own home and without visitors.  I have mixed feelings about this – the lack of travel absolutely thrills me, and I love the idea of traditions made in our own new house.  But I’m used to family-filled holidays . . . and I enjoy the traditions at each of our folks’ houses . . . and cooking is much more fun when other adults enjoy what you’re making.  My husband is good company, of course, but we’re both going to have to bust out the pants with expandable elastic belly panels in order to singlehandedly (doublehandedly?) tackle the 2.5 pound roast I plan on making.

Nevertheless, I enjoy cooking, and holidays are for cooking, so I’m cooking a feast fit for ten.  We’ll have lots of leftovers.

Here is our holiday menu, for those still seeking inspiration:

Christmas Eve Dinner:

Christmas Day:

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3 Responses to Christmas Table

  1. CP says:

    That all sounds amazing!

  2. Izzie says:

    I definitely understand what you’re saying. This is our first non-family Christmas. Generally we fly over to my family or Liam’s, but with the kids, not happening. I do love this huge family gatherings, but we’ll be making due with a few friends this year. But just think of all of the delicious leftovers that you’ll have all to yourself!

  3. How wonderful that all looks! Merry Christmas to you all!

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