Wonder Women, Reprise

If anyone reading today has been around this long, you may recall that about four years ago, I was a contributing author on a group blog called The Wonder Women.  The four of us are college besties and sorority sisters who have moved all over the country, and have stayed in touch via facebook, email, and other electronic communication (primarily – punctuated by occasional, too-infrequent visits).  When this blog was running, each week we would answer a question that started with “I Wonder . .  .”  This served as a useful writing prompt, gave us a theme, and allowed us to contribute in a structured way – each writer takes turns going “first” with the theme on a Monday, and the rest of us follow suit, providing our own answer to the same question on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Then we also each take turns just doing a free-for-all riff on Friday.

A period of time came when someone had to drop out for a week, and then the next week someone else did, and then we left off for a month over Christmas . . . eventually we abandoned the endeavor, captive to our own busy lives and family responsibilities.  But the blog stayed up, and we stayed friends, albeit friends with less of a connection.

Well, we missed the connection brought by working on this creative project.  So we re-started the blog – just as if we’d never left.  Our newest posts discuss how we’ve added a number of children to our families . . . including one very special gift of a child who taught us all something about the meaning of sisterly love.   Thus far in 2013, we have wondered about bad habits, beloved old “friends,” cherished collections, world travels, and stopping time.

We’d love for ya’ll to stop by and Wonder right along with us.  In the meantime . . . if anyone has any IDEAS for writing topics for our little endeavor, share them here (or here!) in the comments.

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4 Responses to Wonder Women, Reprise

  1. That blog is such a great idea. How cool is it that you left it up and then eventually were all able to circle back to it!

  2. What a great, fun idea! Lovely bonding and such good writing experience, too. (Those are tough sorts of posts to write!)

  3. CP says:

    Cool idea for a blog! I’m going to check it out right now!

  4. Grace says:

    Very very cool!

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