Sunday Morning Meal Plan – Early Summer Edition

Yesterday afternoon, we were treated to a wonderful four hours at a local pool with friends who have a membership there.  Their five year old is in Jack’s class, and their 3 year old is in Liam’s class, so we have been bumping into each other for about a year now . . . jumped to the status of Facebook Friends a couple of months ago . . . and they finally took the bold step of inviting us to this Afternoon Pool Time.  I think we’ve been upgraded to full blown FRIENDS now.  (I got up very early and billed a great number of hours ahead of time, so I could make it out with the kids.  Like Lag Liv recently said – the way to make firm life and family life work is, oddly, to commingle them as much as possible . . . do the family stuff when it comes up, no matter when it comes up, and fill in the rest of your time with billable work.  This doesn’t always work out, but I’m finding that it often does.)

So now it’s Sunday.  I haven’t billed a minute, yet – I have felt the need to rest this case for some time, before jumping back into prep work.  Instead, we went to church, made lunch, and now I’m doing my Sunday Morning Planning Period.  In case you fancy, here are our planned meals for the week!

Monday: Lazy Lasagna with Lamb Ragu – I never make lamb.  Have you ever made lamb?  I may not be able to even FIND lamb, in which case this will be beef ragu.

Tuesday: Spicy Black bean Stuffed Peppers.  I’ve made these before and they taste AWESOME.  So good.

Wednesday: Corn Cakes with Avocado Relish.  Ditto these – they sound sort of meh, but trust me.  Tasty.   And filling, given they’re just corn.

Thursday: Sesame Noodles.  I’ll probably include shrimp in this dish, to bulk it up.

Friday: Broccoli Sausage Pasta.  Because the Professor did the grocery shopping for last week and forgot the broccoli.  We’ll give this another go.

Next week, I may be brave and give this one a try.  I’ve been eyeing it on my pinterest board for a while . . . uncertain of how it will go over with the children, and also not sure if mine will come out beautifully or whether I will just end up with soggy fish bits in thin coconut curry soup.  But I think once this trial’s over, I’ll have time to be brave.

Happy Memorial Day!

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