All’s Quiet

The baby got us up before 6am, and I logged in remotely and did a little work while the Professor fed him a bottle and then he bee bopped around the house.  Now he’s napping, the boys are with their dad at a Cub Scouts event, and I have sorted and started the laundry and finished the dishes and am sitting on the couch for a sec.  I am luxuriating in the silence, sipping my second cup of coffee and planning the week’s meals.  Quiet moments in my house are pretty rare for me, as you can imagine.  Aaaaaaaaaah.

May I highly recommend the Provencale chicken from last week – pretty simple stuff, but I served it over quartered baked new potatoes and it was a great family meal.  We used boneless chicken thighs and cooked it probably 6 hours instead of 8, the last 2 hours on high.  I dig.

The quinoa pizza was not as hard to make, nor as weird, as I expected.  The quinoa crust worked pretty well, actually – with the garlic and herbs in it, it tasted good, and it wasn’t too crumbly.  It made a very small pizza – I might try it again, and this time double the recipe and do individual pizzas, which would be easier to handle.  I prefer quinoa crust to a whole wheat crust on a pizza.  I wasn’t, like, OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER, but I can get behind a second attempt at this one.  I’d definitely say that if you’re going to try it, don’t spread it too thin.  Make it a pretty thick base, and you’ll be able to pick it up and eat it like normal pizza, plus you’ll get filled up with healthy quinoa and the cheese will just be a garnish.

And last, that Southwest salad was the bomb, though as you can imagine it did not keep well.  The avocado dressing was really good on day one, and super gross on day two.  I did not include cilantro in the dressing because my husband is a Communist and won’t eat cilantro.  Why did I ever marry him, anyway?

It’s a busy week of baseball, some more baseball, Easter parties and egg hunts, a little baseball, a choir performance at my oldest’s school, and some more baseball.  This is challenging, but I’m up for the challenge.  Here’s my plan for this week:

  • Saturday – out at event
  • Sunday – Creamy caprese quinoa bake, SO MUCH WIN
  • Monday – Yellow squash and mozzarella quiche and salad (after the game)
  • Tuesday – Leftover penne and chicken meatballs (after practice) – I use jarred sauce and the Aidell’s chicken meatballs, holy cow those are tasty.
  • Wednesday – Leftover Provencale chicken and potatoes
  • Thursday – Chicken quesadillas with a fancy jalapeno sauce sent by the Professor’s aunt – we shall see if we can handle the heat
  • Friday – I think we’ll grab some Moe’s or something after the choir event

The yard has turned bright green almost overnight, and it’s knee-high.  The trees are popping blossoms.  The weather is absolutely perfect – we southerners relish this short period of time before the heat wilts us all.  I’ve had enough computer time to last a lifetime, so off I go to tackle the rest of the day.  Much love, all, and I hope if spring hasn’t sprung on you yet, it will soon!

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  1. Laura Watt says:

    Hi, for the chicken quesadilla recipe, I recently made them at a ladies/friends event, and several of my friends stuffed them with their favorites… fresh mushrooms, a layer of fresh spinach, and one went entirely meatless full of veggies. No matter, use them as creatively as you want! They were still a hit. Enjoy!

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