I’m sleeping not so well these days. I’ve instituted some mental health “rules” for myself, but truly what I need is to exercise. Unfortunately, dealing with several kid issues plus taking one day off this month means I’m behind on billing, so instead of getting up early to exercise I get up early to bill. And this weekend we have two kid birthday parties, two adult parties, the boys have testing for the free public school that won’t let us in, we have a Boy Scout meeting . . . I need a run, and a nap, and one extra day in the week. And a maid. Sigh.

Anyhow, just dipping in to note for you how absolutely lovely this quinoa corn chowder was. I threw a little bit of Parmesan and hot sauce in it when served, to give it a little kick, but I highly recommend. Although as time goes by and the leftovers sit in the fridge, the quinoa (much like pasta or rice would do) has just absorbed all of the liquid until know its texture is more like a casserole. Nevertheless, still tasty and healthy. Also, the jambalaya was the bomb. If you didn’t have a shrimp-allergic family member like we do, you could probably throw shrimp in there, too. Really good stuff.

My gigantic bag of Costco potatoes grew eyes quite quickly (wonder how old they were when I bought them), so last night I skipped choir and instead made mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, potatoes au gratin, potato soup, and roasted potatoes. No joke. It was a pommes extravaganza over here. Luckily I have three hungry boys who will eat it all up. And since we have such a busy weekend, that means we have meals covered in advance – at least partially. A man/woman cannot live on potatoes alone.

It’s 5:30 am and I’ve got to go back to billing. Wish me luck surviving this crazy busy week/weekend!

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  1. Margaret says:

    Good luck! And I hope you get some sleep!

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