Post Mardi Gras Menu

I meant to append this to the last post, but instead I’ll just do three, three, three posts in a day! ┬áMardi Gras craziness leads generally to crazy eating. Although we do make sure the boys eat vegetables and get plenty of water, we often end up eating dinner after 8pm on parade nights, and it is often Chef Boyardee or boxed mac and cheese or ramen with some frozen veg and/or scrambled egg mixed in. There’s a lot of crackers and apples munched on the route (along with Milk Duds and lollipops tossed from the floats), lots of juice boxes and Gatorade, less milk. We’re all craving more wholesomeness now that the parades have stopped rolling.

Below is what we’re having this week. The brisket (h/t lag liv) is already slow cooking as we speak, and smells divine. I’ve gone to TJs already and am planning to hit Costco for some meats later this afternoon, once the boys get back from Boy Scout camp.

Sunday – Brisket, rolls, TJs boxed macaroni and cheese

Monday – Leftover turkey bolognese and spaghetti, I made a ton the other night

Tuesday – Beef and broccoli with jarred soyaki sauce, steamed rice

Wednesday – Creamy rigatoni with tomatoes, sausage, plus asparagus spears with olive oil and salt and pepper

Thursday – PWs hamburger soup, because I have ground beef I need to use up

Friday – This salmon (again h/t to lagliv who has been killing it w/recipe collection lately), plus couscous and broccolini


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  1. Lag Liv says:

    Ha! I love that 3/4 of your linked recipes are from my menus, mostly because they are SO GOOD and I’m glad that you will be eating them. Mardi Gras sounded like a blast- I’ve never been, someday we’ll have to plan a trip!

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