Productive Weekend, Ahoy!

So last week, some friends of ours were all going to see Stevie Nicks (opener: The Pretenders). We were invited, but long story short I married a miser who hates Stevie Nicks, so we ended up not joining. However, one of the spouses ended up having a work thing, and I was invited to take that spouse’s spot. So I did! Because I don’t hate Stevie Nicks, and I love friends!

We met for a spectacularly expensive and not particularly super dinner in the central business district (the raw oysters were amazing at least), and while the food was overpriced, the company was delightful. Then we walked over to the arena, I bought a tiny Coors light for $10, and we settled into our nosebleed section seats.  Chrissie Hynde was the bomb. She rocked so, so hard – she looked good, she had a total filthy mouth, and she played all the hits with an ease of someone who’s done this a thousand times and still enjoys it. Let’s just say we all had a lot of fun watching the opening act (when “I’ll Stand By You” came on, the whole crowd just wailed). Stevie Nicks, on the other hand, was a let down. Real superfans probably enjoyed it (and there were lots of people whirling around in shawls, clearly having a Really Good Time), but I found it incredibly indulgent and boring. Basically, she played a bunch of crap that never made it on any album (FOR GOOD REASON, STEVIE, THEY SUCK), and told REALLLLY long stories in between each song. Epically long, fantastically boring stories that were mostly name-dropping opportunities, to which I say – you’re Stevie Nicks! You don’t need to drop names!

Half our group left early, but I stuck it out with one couple and then we caught a cab back to their place and had a drink together. Then he dropped me home at about 1am (we live only a few blocks apart), Craig woke up shortly thereafter, and I had to wake for the day at 6am. The next day was a bit fuzzy and I definitely could have used more sleep, but it was so good to get out, see some live music, hang with friends, and all in all be neither lawyer nor mother. I don’t do that enough.

Anyway, the Prof was out the next two nights, and we were basically ships in the night the whole week. Much of the meals I’d planned didn’t get eaten as most nights it was just one parent plus some children, so they’re in the freezer waiting to be re-heated. I probably could have taken this weekend off of pre-making food, except we have a fridge full of produce that is rapidly wilting and needed cooking, so I made more cabbage stuff (seriously, enough with the cabbage!) plus a squash soup today, plus chopped a bunch of zucchini and carrots for ease of eating (with ranch, hummus, or in a salad, or cooked up like this for breakfast). I also spent about four hours yesterday deep cleaning – scrubbing the glass shower enclosure, cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping and swiffering. I really need a maid – I’m behind on billing as always and needed that time to bill – but our shower was about to grow legs and walk away, it was so filthy. I also managed to wash, fold, and put away about fifteen loads of laundry, and completely clean and organize the fridge and freezer.  I’ve got dozens of unread personal emails, I’m about two full days behind on billing, but darn it, my shower is clean, my fridge cleaned and stocked, and I got to see Chrissie Hynde be awesome.

The week’s meals:

Summer squash soup with crusty bread. I used coconut oil to saute the vegetables (instead of olive oil), and it smells divine. Although it doesn’t have curry in it, the cumin and coconut gives it a curry feel.

Ina Garten’s stuffed cabbage recipe, because I still have so. much. cabbage.

The cashew cabbage and chicken kebabs I didn’t make last week.

The slow cooker refried beans and brisket enchiladas that I made last week but we didn’t eat so it’s all frozen.

Fried chicken and homemade coleslaw, which is basically shredded cabbage plus shredded carrots plus bottled coleslaw dressing. And lots of pepper.

Pre-made refrigerated Ravioli with white wine cream sauce, and asparagus and crusty bread on the side.

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