Saturday! Morning! Meal! Planning!

The boys are home from “I-luh-rund.”

It is very noisy here now.

Jack is giving Craig piggy back rides. Liam has spent some quality time with his Skylanders video game. Happiest among us is almost certainly Virgil, who has an exasperated air of “Finally, these crazy humans are in a herd-able group again!” He has been flopped atop the Prof for the entirety of the morning.

I have lots of pictures to share but my iPhone and Mac are not talking to each other currently, so until I work out their irreconcilable differences, this blog will be temporarily picture-free.

My fridge is bare, though the freezer and pantry are stocked with staples since I haven’t really cooked much since they left. Craig and I mostly grazed – I had a toddler sort of meal plan, snacking as much as eating defined meals. Craig ate 2-3 bananas a day, no lie. I had a lot of meat+cheese+olives kinda dinners. However, now the bottomless pits have returned, and so it’s back to weekly meal plans and real dinners. Meanwhile, it is nine thousand degrees plus five hundred percent humidity here, so light/fresh/preferably chilled foods are preferable. It is the “fine sheen of sweat at all times” time of year down here in the South. My deck chairs are literally sprouting mold. I sometimes feel like I could grow a nice layer of mold if I went a day without showering, it’s so humid and damp and warm.

With that lovely mental image, here is our first meal plan in a long while, yo:

Saturday: Pork chops, stir fried singapore noodles with garlic ginger sauce. I’ve never made these and always looked at ’em and thought “THOSE LOOK SO GOOD.” So we’ll give it a try. Though that last ingredient on the list – not sure if I’d even know where to look for that.

Sunday: Springtime pasta salad, sausages, lemonade

Monday: Some version of this buffalo chicken salad – let’s be real, I’m just going to buy a salad dressing to go with this, and the kids would hate bleu cheese – but we’ll make something approximating this

Tuesday: Crock pot chicken gyros, couscous

Wednesday: Spaghetti bolognese – I have some frozen from when the boys were here before, so I’ll defrost and YUM!

Thursday: Garlic butter salmon, asparagus, roasted new potatoes

Friday: Chicken enchiladas with greek yogurt sauce.

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