Quick interlude for meals, so I can keep the links together.  I’m out of town Mon-Wed for depositions (been traveling a lot lately), back on Thursday and then gone again Fri-Mon for a Richmond wedding.  Then the travel should die down.

This of course makes meal planning a challenge.  The Prof is not helpless and can handle it but his repertoire is limited (he reads this blog, he will not disagree), so I’ll prep some things ahead and choose meals that are Prof-proof.

Saturday: Orzo with summer squash and pesto, roasted broccoli and carrots, corn on the cob

Sunday: grilled tilapia, bok choy

Monday: Sausage pasta bake

Tuesday: Tacos with ground beef, refried beans

Wednesday: pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches, fruit

Thursday: go out for Liam’s birthday!

Friday: frozen pizza

Saturday: leftover pasta bake

Sunday: Father’s Day – I’ll be out of town (ugh), so I’ll arrange whatever the Prof wants arranged that is arrange-able from a distance.



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