Hello strangers.  I have worked the last two weekends and I’m working this one too (life is terrible), but Things Have Happened and I’ve missed sharing them in this space, so here comes a photo dump and brisk whisk through the last few weeks!

When last I left you, we had just returned from a short and thrilling whirl around Texas.  That trip was really great – one for the memory banks for sure – and we’ve done more traveling since then!  After we got back, I had to hop on a plane to Atlanta to take depositions.  I came home, then turned around and almost immediately flew to Virginia- by-way-of-North-Carolina to attend a wedding.  I came back from the wedding, flew back to Atlanta for more depos, came home just in time to throw Liam a birthday party, and then at the very end of the month packed up the kids to head to the in-laws in South Carolina for July Fourth week.  June just about killed me.

The gurrrrrlzzz

My cousin got married in Virginia on Fathers’ Day weekend, and so I flew to my sister’s place a couple hours away in North Carolina, so we could drive up together.  My niece is perfect.  I took many pictures of her.

I bought her barrettes that look like little bugs.  She wore them all at once.

This little drill sergeant makes you go on lots of walks.

She’s also very “helpful” in the kitchen.

This was perhaps Walk No. 3? 4? Her Highness got tired, so the pack mule obliged.

Stopping to smell the flowers on Walk No. 6,372.

I flew in midday Friday, and another sister flew up late evening Friday, and then the four of us (three sisters plus little Hannah) drove up to Virginia for the wedding the following day.  It was Very Much Fun.  Even when Hannah pitched a fit or two – as two year olds are wont to do – and we had to stop at a rest area with a playground to get some wiggles out.

Chiquita can scream real loud when she’s mad

We met our parents and my aunt and uncle and treated everyone to lunch for Fathers’ Day.  My mother’s brother’s son was getting married – randomly, my father’s sister was also in town, so she agreed to watch Hannah during the wedding since she’s on the ‘wrong side’ and therefore would not be invited.  She is a former kindergarten teacher and kids find her magical – they had a great time together at lunch, which boded well for the evening.

Great Aunt Shenanigans!

Waitress photo bomb

Lunch was good, though it took a while, and this wedding was super early.  Nevertheless, we got through our meal and went and got ready at the hotel just in time.

Borrowed my sister’s lip sense, tried not to constantly be licking my lips. Was going for a “neutral” face, but instead ended up with bitchy

Sisters go to a wedding

Family table


Gluten free! (Bride has celiac)

Pittsburgh cookie table, imported to Virginia wedding


We danced quite  a bit at this wedding – enough that my back was KILLING the next day.  We also hung out with my cousin Holly much of the night – she was a real blast.  I do love my family.

The wedding was early – started at 3 – and we made the decision to drive home that night.  It was awful, but also really nice to wake up in “our own beds” (in quotes bc it’s not my ACTUAL own bed, it’s my sister’s guest room).  That day was Fathers’ Day.  We took Hannah to a really great museum that’s also sort of zoo-ish.  She calls it zoo-b.

Wearing her “sun-cocos”


Snack time


Exploring (in her swimsuit)


Riding on the train

Train Take Two – in mom’s lap this time

It was so hot. This frozen lemonade was so good.

Meanwhile the Prof took the kids out to ice cream his own self on Fathers’ Day. Trooper.

My flight home was eeeeearly the next morning, although it ended up being delayed somewhat so I was pretty late to work (as was everyone on this flight – all of us were super grumpy).  I made it into work for a day or two before heading to Atlanta once more, and then got back just in time to throw a Thursday-evening-at-the-trampoline-park birthday party for our newly minted 8 year old.

Trampoline park

Way more kids came than I expected.

Happy birthday, kid!

I staggered through work on Friday, and on Saturday we attended yet another kid birthday party – with Craig’s little bestie from school, Enrique.  They run everywhere holding hands.  IT IS VERY CUTE.


The next weekend, we packed up and headed to South Carolina, for a fun week-long trip at the Prof’s parents’ house.  And that will be our next update!  Another fun photo dump!  And then I’ll be just three weeks behind . . . 🙂

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