Nashville Shenanigans, Part Two

When we left off last time, we were getting trounced in Quizzler by my sister.  The following day, we went to the Nashville Adventure Science Center.  I was getting pinged with emails and calls the whole time, so I probably shouldn’t have gone, but man sometimes my kids need to see me at stuff.  So I went.  And I’m glad I did!

We had a good time.  We headed home for dinner, and then turned around and headed out to the drive-in to watch Hotel Transylvania, III – one of the worst movies we’ve ever seen/slept through.  But it was still fun – a pile of kids in the back!

The next day (I’m not sure what day we’re on at this point – I think Friday?), my sister brought over a project she together for the kids.  She did this once before – it was definitely more successful this time, as the kids were better at breaking it apart.

That afternoon, we made a movie!  The shortness of the movie is not a good representation of just how loooooooong it took to make.  But it was tons of fun – the neighbor kids joined in, Jack wrote it with the help of his aunt, Jack also directed, I produced, and everyone in the family acted.  

Nana did a puzzle with the littlest two while we filmed the scenes they weren’t in.

The next day, everybody but us left for home.  The Prof and the two littlest boys also took off for Indiana to visit his family for a week, leaving just Jack and me.  I slept for hours that day, exhausted by overwork, and then went out to cute Franklin, TN for dinner.  A magician (who is a lawyer by day!) came by and did some tricks, blowing Jack’s mind.

Then on Sunday, I flew home alone, leaving Jack to spend some alone time with my parents, to get some focused attention on math practice.  

Then I was home alone for a week.  Which is good, because I was at work til 11pm almost every night.  Yikes!

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