Year in Review, and New Years’ Resolutions, 2019

1. What did I do in 2018 that I’ve never done before?

Kayaked the Medina River. Turned a two digit age with a 4 in the first digit. Went to a rheumatologist. Sewed a dress after watching sewing machine tutorials on youtube.

2. Did you keep your resolutions?

I do not appear to have made any.

3. What new lives brought you joy?

The tiny, fluttering little prince currently occupying the womb of my middle sister. Due in February!

4. For whom did you grieve, if anyone?

No one in particular. . . This has been less a year of grief and more a year of rage.

5. Did you travel anywhere exciting?

Indeed! In January, Pittsburgh for a snowy wedding (technically in December 2017), followed by a trip to Disney World; San Antonio in June to see my sister and also some really great sights; North Carolina and Virginia in June for another cousin’s wedding; Atlanta in June for tons of work things; South Carolina in July; Nashville in August; Boston in September to visit the MILPs; West Texas in October; NYC and Knoxville in October and November for depositions; South Carolina in November; Nashville in December. This year I got TSA clearance and a new hanger bag!

6. What would you like to have in 2019 that you lacked in 2018?

More downtime. Doesn’t seem likely, though.

7. What are your most memorable moments of 2018?

This was a year of peaks! Holding my own in a difficult deposition, where multiple older condescending men ganged up on me and I fended them off. Liam morphing into a more mature, more controlled grown up kid. Jack and I reading the American Academy of Pediatrics book together on puberty and growing up, and the look he gave me when I showed him the deodorant I put in his stocking. Craig sticking his little tongue out whenever he is concentrating. My nephew Charles, enthusiastically saying everyone’s name but mine at Christmas. “Player News,” which is the name of the movies my children write and make for fun, for reasons I do not understand but thoroughly enjoy. Jack turning 10, with all that entails.

8. What was your bravest moment and/or biggest achievement of the year?

I think helping one of my family members navigate a difficult time. I was also proud of myself hiking in West Texas – it was tough to breathe, given the elevation, but I made it.

9. What was your biggest failure and/or disappointment?

Can’t think of anything particular, besides the day to day work items that sometimes aren’t the best.

10. Any memorable lapses in wellness?  (Illness, injury, etc.?)

We had strep around here recently. I lost a couple toenails in my hike – though that’s less injury and more BADASS. I had some issues with my hypothyroidism, but we’re working on that.

11. Where did most of your money go?

Besides the obvi (private school, student loans, healthcare, daycare for Craig, mortgage), I’d say to debt repayment. We are shoveling money at our unsecured debt, and I think next year will be the year it’s all gone (excluding student loans of course).

12. Is there a song or pop culture moment that will forever remind you of 2018?

Memes are born, grow, and die in the space of a day or two these days! I can’t even keep up with them all, though I will remember the #metoo movement, definitely, and the shame and hopelessness I felt when Brett Kavanagh was confirmed, despite his shocking performance. And of course, Trump being a total horse’s ass at every opportunity.

13. Compared to this time last year are you (a) happier or sadder? (b) heavier or lighter? (c) richer or poorer?

(a) I’d say about the same?

(b) Heavier! As in fat? Definitely heavier. Have plans for next year though.

(c) Much richer. Not to brag, just to remember the point in time – right around age 40 – when we started to accrue assets rather than debts. I mean technically we are still mostly focused on debt wiping but we have some savings, and that’s a FIRST.

14. How did you spend (a) Mardi Gras, (b) Easter, (c) Fourth of July, (d) Thanksgiving, (e) Christmas, and (f) New Years’ Eve?

(a) This was the first year I walked in the Wonder Woman Krewe of the Chewbaccus parade. We plan for our next one to put beads and lights on our corsets . . . stay tuned for pics! (b) I think that our North Carolina friends came to visit? It’s much harder to recap these things when I don’t have any blog entries to look back on.  (c) The Fourth of July was in SC at the in-laws’ place. (d) Thanksgiving just happened in South Carolina – a full week, bookended by football games. (e) Christmas was in Nashville, with my siblings, and included a baby shower for my soon-to-be nephew. (f) NYE was here, in our home, with friends – we had steaks and baked potatoes as big as your head.

15. Any new loves/friends/positive forces in your life?

I don’t think any of them read this anymore, but my MILP friends who I met through this blog have become Key Ladies – we had our third annual meet up visit this past year, in Boston, and it was so good. We continue to support each other from afar, and while they aren’t “new” this year, our friendship has really deepened for sure!

16. What was your favorite tv and/or movie?

I’ve been watching The Good Wife – nothing amazing, but good and pretty true to law firm life – at least as these things go. We just watched and enjoyed Bird Box as well – the Netflix horror film.

17. What was your favorite book?

I really enjoyed using my kindle to download numerous books from the library, and I powered my way through the Louise Penny series on Armand Gamache – so delightful to follow the residents of Three Pines, Quebec, through the seasons. The meals described in these books are divine – I want to put them all on my list.

18. What did you want and get?

A bunch of kitchen accoutrements that are already making life easier!

19. What did you want and not get?

Umm, I guess a cushion thing to stand on for my standing desk.

20. What did you do on your 40th birthday?

On my actual birthday, the Prof was out of town. I took the boys on a swamp tour, and it was really fun!

21. Anything notable in your fashion or appearance in 2018?

My hair keeps getting shorter and shorter.

22. What kept you sane?

Taking occasional days to work from home. It really helps push the reset button. Also lots of travel – as exhausting as it is, it also makes life at home seem fresh!

23. Anything in the political arena you care to recall?

I constantly call my Senators. I also did a lot of pro bono legal work for causes I care about.

24. Who did you miss?

My sisters, mostly.

25. Closing remarks?  Life lessons/morals/catch phrases, etc.?

I am woman. Full of rage. Full of care.

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