About RG

I can’t stand mis’placed apos’trophe’s’, I once won a regional spelling bee, and the best compliment I’ve ever received is when a boy told me I was sent by the devil to tempt him away from the Path of Righteousness.

I used to be an actress, and then I worked in management, then I was a law student in New Orleans, and now I’m a lawyer at a firm on the Gulf Coast.  I used to be single, and now I’m married to The Professor.  I used to be childless, and now I have three sons – Jack, born in April of 2008; Liam (formerly known as Angus the Fetus (not his real name)), born in June of 2010; and Craig (formerly known as Tex), who joined our family in January of 2014.  Thus I fully contradict my blog’s title.  Eh.  It fit my life circumstances when I named it in October 2005.

You get to know my kid’s names, but the rest I keep mysterious, because The Rules told me girls are more interesting when they retain an air of mystery.   Drop me a line at reluctantgillian *at* gmail *dot* com, if you like!