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Welllll . . . it’s been a coupla weeks, let me tell YOU. My notice at work was two weeks long, as is typical. The first week of it, I tried to stick to billing 7 or less┬áhours a day … Continue reading

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Two of Us

Craig is lying, shirtless, spread-eagle on the couch, watching the 2015 Goosebumps movie – which is, as tween movies go, not the absolute worst I will say. Craig is watching it because Jack is suddenly into tween entertainment, and he … Continue reading

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Summer 2017

The boys just had their last day of school. They had a little graduation that neither of us went to, and Jack was pretty peeved about that, but too bad. I’ll go when he actually graduates from the school, but … Continue reading

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Back Home

We have fewer airline troubles coming home (I don’t think I wrote about how we had to board our flight to T&C three times – same plane – had to disembark and re-board three times.) We stayed with an Atlanta … Continue reading

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Last Full Morning

  Hot, bitter coffee, espresso. I finish The Secret Chord this morning, on the settee on the porch. I feel rinsed, wrung. I have to be dragged back here, to this tropical island, from the scrubby, brutal, bloodwashed Israel I … Continue reading

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