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Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez

*where a Krewe has pictures of its floats for 2016, I link below* Our first parade of the year was Oshun, followed by Cleopatra, both rolling by our house on Jan 29, a Friday.  Cleopatra was formerly a West Bank … Continue reading

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Barbri Begins Amidst Festivities

I have begun the Barbri bar exam review course.  I am chilling all by my lonesies here at school, listening to the class and taking notes.  And also paging through the pix I took at yesterday’s graduation party in the … Continue reading

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Crazy Fun Times

Gender Law exam tomorrow.  Love that class, but it has me perpetually steaming.  Angry at the world.  Grrr, argh. After that, I’ll have a smidge of a breather before my paper is due and then my Carriage of Goods by … Continue reading

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This term is (knock on wood) starting off swimmingly – just like my last term was seeming to go, before I broke my back and knocked my karma out of whack (not to mention my spine!)  I just cleaned and … Continue reading

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Friday Night Happy Face and Sad Face

So, up til about twenty minutes ago, I had a kind of amazing day. I was tired as all hell, because the Baby Fairy granted me a non-sleeping baby this second time around, and Liam straight up doesn’t sleep.  Like, … Continue reading

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