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Sporty sporty sports

Jack’s in baseball again.  We’ve decided to go ahead and enroll him for the spring, even though I can’t imagine how I’m going to handle getting him there.  I’ll work it out. We had a TWO HOUR PRACTICE TODAY OH … Continue reading

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All is Merry and Bright

Last night we had planned to head to the botanical gardens and see them all lit up for Christmas, but Lower Alabama has been dumping rain for days, so we abandoned the plan.  Instead, we found a drive-through light show … Continue reading

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“This season is a thief” I read online somewhere.  A thief of daylight, of the sun, a thief of warmth, green.  Even here in the deep South, with the seventy degree anomalies sprinkled in among the brisker winter days, I feel … Continue reading

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Slice of Life

Liam-isms. Observing Jack drawing a picture: Why Jack,  you’ve outdone yourself!  Waiting for Jack to cross the road and join him on a sidewalk during a family walk: You’d better get over here toot sweet, buddy! I wonder where these turns … Continue reading

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A Bit Beat

I just dropped a cool wad o’ cash at Old Navy for some duds for my oldest dude.  Every spring and fall I do a shop like this – either at Children’s Place or Old Navy or Target or somewhere … Continue reading

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