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Busy bullet points

Shortly after my last post, I billed almost 50 hours in 3.5 days and then flew to North Carolina for a quick trip to see the sis, see the niece, and play a reunion show with the old band.  It … Continue reading

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Mary Speaks

I’ve always disliked that song “Mary Did You Know” (sorry if you love it!) It plays this time of year on repeat, and I switch the channel whenever I hear it.  This is partly because it is pretty cheesy (see … Continue reading

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I was thinking about him yesterday.  No particular reason.  I think being pregnant did it, maybe.  I’m sentimental enough on the average day, but throw in gestation and I’m pretty much a sodden Kleenex.  This baby is a son, another … Continue reading

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Do you ever feel like you’ve been gently, insistently redirected?  Herded.  Shepherded.  There is a distinction, but in either case, direction from an outside source is implicit.  A sheep-i-ness is implied.  I have let the slings and arrows of daily … Continue reading

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Hack hack coff coff snort

Has anyone heard of a neti pot?  I purchased this one today online, because I couldn’t find them in the drugstores here in SmallTownUSA.  7-10 business days from now, if I’m still hack hacking and coff coffing and dribble dribbling, … Continue reading

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