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In Defense of “Law and . . .”

I’d like to emerge from my bar-study hidey hole to make the briefest of observations, one strengthened by this General Overview of Law I Will Never Never Know or Use Again that is commonly known by the shorter name of … Continue reading

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Bar? What Bar?

I promise I’m studying for the bar.  I’m about to kick it into high gear.  I’m solid on the “act like a lawyer” part – where they give you fake law, fake facts, and ask you to do lawyerly things … Continue reading

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Panic Level – Mild

*very boring, whiny bar complaint post below.  I make no excuses – this falls under the “therapeutic” category of blog posts – but I do offer you this opportunity to bail.* I’ve reached the “mild panic” state of bar studying. … Continue reading

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Bar Studying, Week Three

So, studying for the bar is . . . what it is.  It is considerably more work than law school, and in fact I am already discarding some of the tasks assigned.  I cannot work on this ten hours a … Continue reading

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I have been granted by my generous family a full day in the house child-free, during which time I am attempting to catch up on bar bri.  (Three days behind.  Already.  Cursed move.)  I’ve listened to two lectures and taken … Continue reading

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