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Scenes from a Marriage

As I obliquely mentioned here, by way of a picture and caption, last week the Professor and I celebrated five years of marriage.  How the heck that time flew by so quickly, I cannot tell you, but here we are. … Continue reading

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Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Corrie P.

July twenty-third dawned hot and sunny.  Corrie had arranged for all of us ‘maids to spend the morning together at a spa.  Makeup, hair, and nails were on our own dime, so each ‘maid purchased her own mix of services, … Continue reading

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Buoy. Or is it Bouy? Booey is what it should be, for heaven’s sake.

It’s funny how I feel most like I’m drowning in work on the mornings after Liam hasn’t slept.  Someone throw me a bu-   bo-   er, someone throw me a life preserver. After two nights in a row of … Continue reading

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Go to Aitch Eee Double Hockeysticks, DST

I’m not sure how they can sense that the time is different, but the children are all aflutter today.  Jack refused to stay in bed for his nap, getting up and coming out to me three times.  In over a … Continue reading

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