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True as it Can Beeeeeeeee

It’s a tale as old as time. The woman decides she wants a change.  She begins cutting things.  Soda.  Cream.  Sugar from her coffee, and eventually half and half.  Meat.  Then salad dressing, sauces, mayonnaise on sandwiches.  She exercise 40 … Continue reading

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Scenes from a Marriage

As I obliquely mentioned here, by way of a picture and caption, last week the Professor and I celebrated five years of marriage.  How the heck that time flew by so quickly, I cannot tell you, but here we are. … Continue reading

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Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Corrie P.

July twenty-third dawned hot and sunny.  Corrie had arranged for all of us ‘maids to spend the morning together at a spa.  Makeup, hair, and nails were on our own dime, so each ‘maid purchased her own mix of services, … Continue reading

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Buoy. Or is it Bouy? Booey is what it should be, for heaven’s sake.

It’s funny how I feel most like I’m drowning in work on the mornings after Liam hasn’t slept.  Someone throw me a bu-   bo-   er, someone throw me a life preserver. After two nights in a row of … Continue reading

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