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Anne Frank’s Neighbor

She almost made it out into the day light again after years – years – without.  Fingers pressed against the pane of glass, behind a blackout curtain.  Sometimes in front of it, when she was feeling brave.   She thought it … Continue reading

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The Tyranny of Evidence

I sat down to write a blog about my last two weekends – one camping, one at the beach.  Instead:    "My true love hath my heart and I have his?"It hooks me on that one close word, that true –What, … Continue reading

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I Won

My little sonnet won a prize.  I get a free book of poetry.  Yay.   Can’t wait til the week is over.  Can’t.  Wait.  Must.  Make.  It.  To.  Saturday.

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I wrote this today for a sonnet competition.  It was fun. In dull and muffled light the quiet two Digest the morning cereal and news He, cradling a cup of morning brew She, in his lap and hungry, gently mews Her paw … Continue reading

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Warm up already

In honor of this May, which is dragging its feet into summertime, when temperatures dip into the 50s, and we are all just READY for June. SEASONS Oh the wily wintertime with its cold and narrow scope the gnarly fingered … Continue reading

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