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Go to Aitch Eee Double Hockeysticks, DST

I’m not sure how they can sense that the time is different, but the children are all aflutter today.  Jack refused to stay in bed for his nap, getting up and coming out to me three times.  In over a … Continue reading

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Zombie Mush Empty Wilting Blaaaaaaah

I walked approximately fifty miles last night, all in the comfort of my own home, hefting 30 pounds of toddler.  Incidentally, I love describing him this way – 30 pounds of toddler – and when I say this I want … Continue reading

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So this amazing thing happens tonight, right?  And what this amazing thing is, is that at around 8:07 pm I look at my kid, sitting on the floor, pinging my ukulele strings with rubber bands because that makes a neat … Continue reading

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Baby Fever

Is it possible for a woman with a baby to have baby fever?   A close girlfriend is having a baby and so deliciously, gorgeously pregnant.  I saw her the other night   She just looked so beautiful, and has handled it … Continue reading

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A Walk on the Beach

Walking on the beach with two of my sisters.  The sand squeaks beneath our toes, until we find the firmer ribbon, packed and damp, close to the water’s edge.  We are mostly quiet.    My sister shines a flashlight on two people … Continue reading

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