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Welllll . . . it’s been a coupla weeks, let me tell YOU. My notice at work was two weeks long, as is typical. The first week of it, I tried to stick to billing 7 or less hours a day … Continue reading

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Two of Us

Craig is lying, shirtless, spread-eagle on the couch, watching the 2015 Goosebumps movie – which is, as tween movies go, not the absolute worst I will say. Craig is watching it because Jack is suddenly into tween entertainment, and he … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Mess – Part Two

I woke up Tuesday and went to work.  (I worked Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, with some major, major briefing going on – thank heavens I’d done that 13 days working in a row and gotten most of it done ahead of time.   … Continue reading

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Life with the Tyrant

  Kids are funny.  Take my 2 year old, for example. – No please – take him. *canned laughter* We are in the thick of Craig being a total tyrant.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s so funny and cute.  A … Continue reading

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Drizzly Zoo Trip

Faced with the prospect of a rainy Saturday with the kids by myself, I contemplated staying home – them destroying the house, fighting, bouncing off the walls.  I contemplated the aquarium – eleventy million people, kids scattering in three directions … Continue reading

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