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A Beautiful Mess – Part Two

I woke up Tuesday and went to work.  (I worked Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, with some major, major briefing going on – thank heavens I’d done that 13 days working in a row and gotten most of it done ahead of time.   … Continue reading

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Life with the Tyrant

  Kids are funny.  Take my 2 year old, for example. – No please – take him. *canned laughter* We are in the thick of Craig being a total tyrant.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s so funny and cute.  A … Continue reading

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Drizzly Zoo Trip

Faced with the prospect of a rainy Saturday with the kids by myself, I contemplated staying home – them destroying the house, fighting, bouncing off the walls.  I contemplated the aquarium – eleventy million people, kids scattering in three directions … Continue reading

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Why My Sons are the Best

Craig knows new words every day.  Every day.  Today, for example, he said such sentences as “No bedtime yet for Craig.” “Line ’em up, cars!” “I want juice or milk baba.” “Aunt Corrie, Aunt Caki, Aunt Amanda, uuuuuum, who else? … Continue reading

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NOLA Spring

The magnolias are in bloom, already.  Early each morning I am woken by a cacophony of birds twittering.  The windows in this temporary apartment have no insulation – even when tightly closed and locked, most still have gaps the width … Continue reading

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