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Productive Weekend, Ahoy!

So last week, some friends of ours were all going to see Stevie Nicks (opener: The Pretenders). We were invited, but long story short I married a miser who hates Stevie Nicks, so we ended up not joining. However, one of … Continue reading

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Catastrophes, Great and Small

It’s been a helluva week. We started this week with me setting my glorious macaroni and cheese dish on fire, and are ending it with a really killer head cold, and some non-fun items got stuffed in between as well. … Continue reading

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Live from the City of Angels

I’m writing this from a giant fluffy nest of pillows and futon in my room on the eleventh floor of a hotel in downtown Los Angeles.  I’m here for a couple of days, celebrating the marriage of one of my … Continue reading

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Monday Morning

We did a lot of work/packing this weekend – both of us spent several hours working, and I packed eleventy billion boxes while the Prof spent about four hours total (I’d guess – a conservative estimate) washing dishes.  We also … Continue reading

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Summer Weekend

A summer weekend: I wake at 6, lace up the shoes and go for a run.  The summer heat and humidity is already so intense, my peppy run quickly devolves to a walk/jog.  I shuffle over to Audubon park, do … Continue reading

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