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Top Five Asinine-Behavior-By-A-Guy Moments

I have lots of really awesome and cool men in my life.  I also have known a lot of total losers.  This post is about the latter.  And please – PLEASE – share yours with me in the comments.  I … Continue reading

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Top Five Worst Jobs (Should This Be Bottom Five Jobs?)

I’m taking a break from stressing out over school work, deadlines, etc., in order to bring you another fabulous Top Five.  Someone at an interview recently asked me my worst ever job, and I had a hard time choosing from … Continue reading

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Top 5 Breakup Stories

I recently re-read Bob’s Top Five’s “Top Five Breakup Stories.”  Oh, how I miss Bob’s Top Five, though Bob is still writing (see “Bob” on my blogroll at left).  Anyway, although I’ll be hard pressed to come up with five … Continue reading

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Review of Corporate Gifts I've Received

I have whiled away many a happy hour reading the blog of the Random Reviewers, second only to Bob’s Top Five in my list of favorite ways to waste time reading about people I don’t actually know.  Bob’s Top Five … Continue reading

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Gillian’s Top Five

I’m stealing a leaf from Bob’s book (see Bob’s Top Five here) and doing a list.  In honor of this lovely, lazy Saturday morning . . .   Gillian’s Top Five Saturday Morning Cartoons   1. Voltron Ahh, I wanted … Continue reading

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